We aim to help you get started to make money and save money using XFT – Xtreme Fuel Treatment as soon as possible. Thus, there are a couple of bonus programmes to kick-start your business. The basic principle being – Showing people the benefits and cost saving properties of using XFT  and also the business opportunity, to earn a regular, passive, residual income.

XFT Action Plan – earn $15,000 and a free car in 60 – 90 days

In Short

  1. JOIN – (via here your referrer’s link or if no link given, via here  )
  2. Keep on 100pv Autoship
  3. Share info about the business and XFT – sell XFT to people
  4. Recruit at least 4 people into the business who will do the same


A more detailed explanation:


  1. Read info about the Biz
  2. Join – UK has 1 level to join at, (200pv) other countries have 2 – join at 250pv or 500pv (we all aim to get to 500pv asap, and it will be paid back via bonus’s in the Income Maximiser programme.)
  3. Set Autoship to 100pv for between 1st and 5th of the month, for extra free stock points.



  1. Log into back office and do all the training videos – this then unlocks advanced training in the academy
  2. Tell people about XFT and the business, get people using it and/or signed up – aim to sell your Autoship and make some profit or cover costs as samples. There is a money back guarantee. It WORKS ! Ask them to try the 6-Tank Challenge
  3. Get at least  4 people starting the business under you who will replicate this Action Plan


UPGRADE and Help your Team to EARN MORE

  1. When you qualify for Income Maximizer for the 1st 2 levels this effectively pays you to upgrade to 500pv for 3rd level –  $1500 a month . The upgrade is more than covered by the bonus you will earn from level 2. See the Income Maximiser Bonus Plan. Be sure to upgrade by the month end of when you qualify, to get paid the bonus on 7th – 10th of the month following.
  2. Help your team to follow this plan and get people involved, and share/sell the XFT
  3. Keep showing people the product, and sponsoring people into the business – getting them to follow this plan.


  1. Look at selling to Commercial customers – ask Mark (contact form) or your Upline for more info and help.
  2. Read and understand the Compensation plan, and aim to build towards Sapphire via team sales volume, made up from Autoships and retail sales. At Sapphire, get a car paid for and $10,000 cash bonus.
  3. Help your Team reach Sapphire