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10. A Global Fuel Product
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17. Largest Energy Industry In The World – Gas and Fuel
18. Based On A Need, Not A Want (Recession Proof)
19. XFT Works in every fuel tank, every industry, every country, every time
20. XFT is great for Seasonal Machinery (mowers, boats, ski mobiles, atv’s )
21. Start Part-Time or Full-Time
22. Accessible Entry Level To Fit Your Budget
23. Unique and Proven Product
24. Simple Compensation Plan
25. Sales Duplication
25. Passive and Residual Income
26. Corporate Support
27. Company Websites
28. Over 20 Year’s Of Proven & Successful Effectiveness
29. Company Headquarters in Utah, U.S.A.
30. Global Market: U.S., Italy, Jamaica, Ghana, Puerto Rico, Canada, U.K., India, New Zealand, Australia, more to come.