Community and Charity Fundraising with Xft

If you are looking for an easy way to raise funds for your Club, Events, Charity, Community Project, School, Church, Sports Team etc, then Xft Community fundraising is a good route, that can offer different levels of fundraising, from 5% of net sales to 20% and more, with bonus’s of net sales. As your contacts save money by using Xft, then the funds raised are recurring, depending on how much fuel they use.

As an example, if a fleet car user or  company using a lot of vans or a commercial haulier company starts to use Xft, they will save hundreds of thousands of £’s on their fuel, and you as a group could receive thousands of £’s in commissions. – See the example here

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It also helps hugely with the environmental commitment message that your group has –

We are committed to doing what we can to conserve our natural resources. We know that it can be difficult to alter your life to try to be a little greener, so we are providing you with products that make what you are already doing more environmentally friendly, especially when it comes to your vehicle. As you use XFT, you will save money on fuel and repairs, as well as helping the environment with reduced emissions.

With XFT you can do your part by reducing your carbon footprint. Product user feedback has shown over a 33% reduction in harmful pollutants! Can you imagine what could happen to the air quality in a big city if EVERYONE used this product? And how many people do you think would use it if they knew that you save substantial money just by putting it in your tank.

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Some of the groups already fundraising with us are here -> Community Fundraising with Xft

An Overview of Xft and Fundraising is seen in the video below. To find out more about XFT browse the links in the menu  above – a good starting point is – and some typical independent UK results are seen  here then if this is of interest, please contact us, as below :

If landing here for the first time from your referrer / club, please fill in the form below, before browsing the site, so that they get the credits. Also, after purchasing, so that we can track their credits, please return to here, and fill in the form again, adding in the value of your purchase.  After filling in the form, you’ll be taken to the page with information about the money back guarantee 6 tank challenge page

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Contact Information

Less Fuel – Head of UK Distribution of XFT
– Mark Dale – Commercially Certified Distributor
07528 753 577
Grove Park House, Ingfield Lane
Settle, North Yorkshire, BD24 9BA