XFT - Extreme Fuel treatment - UK Independant Results

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Great comments  from Paul, and Lee from West Yorkshire 4×4 Volunteers who are using XFT, Nick, an engine rebuilder, and Lee, who travels Scotland to Yorkshire.


uk xft testimonial - wy4x4vol

And a Jag goes from 12mpg to 20mpg ! 12 - 20 mpg in Jag xft

Some great results here in a Pajero 2.8 diesel turbo – after 2 tanks of using XFT

xft review UK 4x4

UK testing by Nick Dudley, an Engine Rebuilder by trade

XFT Testing by a UK Engine Rebuilder

XFT Testing by a UK Engine Rebuilder

A post by a Yorkshire weatherman – now living in Scotland ! – 20% gain in his MPG – Click the test on the post to  go to the full post on facebook.

His Weather Website is http://cravenweather.co.uk/ 

Weather and XFT

Craven Weather and XFT

And also he posted on Highland Weather – here


A great, funny review from a 4×4 user – who thought it was a load of nonsense when he heard about XFT, and was ready to claim his money back, when doing a 6 tank Challenge –    do one here – simply get a 120ml bottle, and do use it for 6 tanks – 1st 3 tanks at double dose (or more) to clean and kick -start the effects..  then 3 more tanks, checking your mpg.

jag mpg economy











” Hi Mark,

Just thought I would drop you a line & let you know how we are getting on with Syntek

Last Thursday 13th November we drove from Bisley to Anfield Road Liverpool for a tour round the Everton stadium, a distance of 281 miles from our front door to the hotel. Our car is a four year old Jaguar XF – S 3 litre Deisel. We were on our 4th tank of the 6 x tank challenge.
During the trip to Liverpool we drove 287.7 miles at 35.28 MPG. On the return journey we were diverted due to traffic problems on the M6 & M25 so it was a longer journey of 255 miles at 31.25 MPG.

Prior to using syntek the Jag’s fuel consumption varied between 24 & 27 MPG

Can you send me info on how to go about becoming a distributor?

Kind regards,

Robert ”

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Well just done a test with fuel additive. The one Mark Dale uses mine runs 40″ tyres and 5.1 diffs so economy if far from good far far from but I would never change a thing i Made it I love it !!! So put some in as stated on new application. Well I was suprised stright away more power quicker acceleration Loved that It was ok but now more responsive. Well worth it I done 200 mile round trip in it to a show and was getting 15 to gallion but now 17 to 19 well happy x2. Now more power more mpg well worth a try !!! Thank mark dale !!!

uk monster truck xft pajero

UK XFT results - not scam

A friend has an MPG improvement in a Landrover 110 …

landrover jons landrover