We have a half price offer on Xft foil packs – simply order  100 x 10ml foil packs and they are half usual price – so, get together with your friends, or order for your company to make use of them. Or, get in touch for a deal on smaller packs.

Each 10ml pack is recommended to treat 1 tank of fuel, petrol or diesel; up to 75 – 100 litres. Cost price is £1.76 per foil pack.

Average saving is 10% – 30% – so, will save 7.5 litres to 30 litres of fuel – worth £7.50 to £30 if fuel was just £1 a litre.

See other people’s results here http://lessfuel.co.uk/xft-uk-results-and-testimonials/

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other pack sizes available as well at normal price.

xft uk promotion