The Online Enrollment form is accessed via clicking the images below,  (it will open in a new tab)  or available as a download pdf here –  Please fill in, then return to

It is advised that the best option is  at least a  100PV monthly stock/sample  order and order this for the 1st – 5th of the month for extra rewards bonus’s which build up very quickly to free stock ! – get in touch if any questions.

We also have a current deal in the UK on 100x10ml foil packs – which are at 1/2 price.  This is a good way to give people an introductory discount offer with your new business, by splitting these down to 10 smaller packets of 10 – enough to do a 6 tank trial ( plus 1 tank 🙂 ) – which you can sell to the customer for £25 – which is a discount from the usual price of 10 at £37 and still gives you a decent margin – get in touch if any questions.

For signing up outside the Uk – please go via

Very Soon, you can be earning an extra monthly income, whilst saving money on fuel, and helping others to do likewise!

XFT Syntek livelite Distributor sign upXFTUK Syntek livelite Distributor sign up