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What is this ‘Absolute Nonsense’ ???

That was my original thoughts until i actually tried it.


i used to average 17 MPG,

After the first couple of additions of XFT my consumption didn’t change, if anything it got worse, i was starting to rub my hands together thinking ‘Refund will be coming my way soon’

Then i noticed whilst overtaking a wagon on the way to work one moning that the truck seemed to have a lot more extra ‘oomph’ !
and i didn’t leave a big black smoke screen behind me.

On the next fill up my average MPG was 26 miles per gallon (bang goes my money back guarantee) i checked and double checked all the figures and sure enough it was correct.

Since starting using XFT (6 fill ups now) my ave MPG has fluctuated between 20 – 25 mpg depending on how i drive.

The only problem i have now is a hell of a lot more power which is oh so tempting to use, although even when using the extra power my consumption has not gone back to 17 mpg even when towing.

Would certainly recommend XFT but just wish someone had given me the ‘Super Hero message – With Great Power comes Great Responsibility’ ┬áthen maybe my average would stick around the 26 mpg margin.

certainly feels like driving a new truck though especially with the reduced black smoke i’m now producing.

xft nonsense