When you join as an Xft Distributor, you get a website, which is the core of your business. It has the training and documentation in the back office, and is also the ecommerce store for you to sell XFT.

From the front, it can have numerous “look” which you can change via a range of templates available. Each Template can be in any of 8 languages, and have over 40 videos on them.

So you can see the range of templates available. Below are screenshots of them, and clicking on the screenshot will take you to a page on this website, where that company web page is running within an i-frame, and is browseable.

XFT Australia website XFT Australia xft fundraiser website xft opportunity 1 xft opportunity 2 xft philipines XFT Website billbaords 2 XFT Website Billboards xft website commercial users

xft website commercial xft website enrollment biz  xft website environmental xft website ethanol xft website fundraising

xft website go green

xft website India xft website industrial

xft website Internet marketing xft website italian xft website its just logical xft website logical xft website new zealand xft website product xft website spanish xft website work and play