XFT - Xtreme Fuel Treatment - saving money for Taxi Drivers and Operators

An easy fast-start route to save 10% - 30% on fuel costs, and make additional income.

xft logo less fuel smallerWhat Does XFT Do?

XFT – Xtreme Fuel Treatment saves YOU money on Fuel !
It Increases MPG, Reduces Emissions and Helps your car run better

It is also a product you can distribute to earn a second or full-time income !
We are currently looking for more Distributors

XFT is an easy to use, great value fuel additive, that utilizes a unique chemical formulation to bring you the most effective solution available. It has multiple components, which means nobody else has what we have, and no other product does what XFT does. Because XFT is a comprehensive approach, it would take many products mixed together to even come close to giving you the same benefits!

As you know, Fuel costs are a major part in many businesses, but especially so in the Taxi, Private Hire, and Chauffer type businesses.

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So, with no Capital cost, and fast results, in 1 – 6 tanks of fuel, it is possible to see increases in MPG of, on average, between 10% and 30% in most vehicles.

As XFT only costs approx 4% extra – it can be a large net saving.

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David says :    I’m a taxi driver living and working in Torquay. I drive on average around a thousand miles a week, so as you can imagine my fuel bill is quite high. When I first put XFT in my new Ford Tourneo 9 seat Custom I honestly didn’t expect much to happen, but how wrong was I. The first thing I noticed immediately was the extra power, I had to hold back on the accelerator quite a lot and I couldn’t believe how quiet the engine was. But the main thing for me was when I filled up. I went from an average of 27.7mpg to 33.2mpg, that might not seem a lot but if you work it out its around 20% extra mileage. On a thousand miles a week I’m now getting 200 miles for FREE or to put it another way I’m saving around £40 every week, that’s over £2000 a year. So from now on every year me and my wife will be going on a luxury holiday every year for FREE. XFT is brilliant but the business behind it is even better.

Just buy Xft as a customer, or become a distributor at just a little more than the cost of the product in your starter kit; to get 25% discount, plus income on sales.

After seeing how good XFT is, David quickly became a distributor, so not only does he save money on his own fuel useage, but he gets the XFT at a cheaper rate, and also makes money via selling it to other Taxi Drivers and Customers, and also the way the business works, it means he can build a team of co-distributors, and build a healthy income as well.

Several Taxi Drivers have followed his lead, and are now also doing likewise.

Whats your next step to Saving Money on Fuel, and bringing another income stream into your Taxi Business ….

If you are a fleet owner, or Taxi company operator, we have a free stock offer for qualifying businesses, this is worth up to approx £1250 of product and should yield between £3500 and £10500 worth of fuel savings. – We can also talk with you about ways for you to make money, whilst still enabling your drivers to save money. – Get in Touch!

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