Below are some Testimonials and Test Data from use of XFT successfully for many years in America and Globally

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Below are some Testimonials and Test Data from use of XFT successfully for many years in America and Globally


‘Since using the Xtreme Fuel Treatment product we have not had any failures in injector pumps or injectors. We use generators in pre-Olympic events and TV sporting events. In the 2002 Winter Olympics we were using 875 gallons of diesel fuel per day and after using XFT our fuel consumption dropped to 675 gallons of fuel per day. We have had generators come to us from other parts of the country that were not running real well. We added a double dose of XFT and within several hours the generators began running smoother. This is a great product that I recommend to everyone.’

Dave P. – GE Rentals – Salt Lake City, UT

‘Using Xtreme Fuel Treatment has lowered our fuel consumption greatly, in fact, by 15% per year – a significant savings. My biggest savings, that was unexpected, came in the form of labor costs. Buses get extremely black on the rear door from diesel residue. To remove the black, we were spending $14.50 per week per bus for cleaning ($7.25 per hour per driver times 2 washes per week) or approximately $106,000.00 per year. Since using Xtreme Fuel Treatment, we only need to wash the buses once every other month. This has created a saving in excess of $95,000.00 per year.’

Supervisor – Vehicle Maintenance – School District of Florida

‘We decided to do a test on the fuel consumption between the trucking side and construction side of our company. The test results using XFT were shocking, doing the same amount of work load if not more, we purchased 15% less fuel than the previous months. Our trucks were topping the ‘Three Sisters’ hills on I-80 with 2 more gears than ever before and the trucks went from 5.6 miles per gallon to 7.2 miles per gallon after just one month.’

Bill – Oilfield Service – Wyoming

‘Piston No. 2 was overhauled by the crew during dry docking. The total running hours since last overhaul was 11,253. The total running hour on the piston was 17,318.
The following was observed:
All rings were moving freely and were in good condition.
No carbon deposits below first ring.
Combustion space was remarkably clean and tops of piston crown were dry.
The service engineer stated that he had never seen a piston and rings in such a good condition after more the 11,000 hours and suggested that we should increase the maintenance interval by using the combustion catalyst, burn rate modifier and lubricant (Xtreme Fuel Treatment). We have observed 40-50% less soot and 30% less sludge. Another side effect is less emissions and hence a cleaner environment which is increasingly focused on today.’

RL Shipping – Texas

‘I own a 2000 PeterBilt 379 with a 550 hp Cat. I have been disappointed in the average fuel mileage of 4.7 mpg. Since using the Xtreme Fuel Treatment product my mileage has increased to between 5.7 and 6.2 mpg. Being an owner-operator, the rising cost of fuel reduces profits. This product is saving me $$ every day.’

Chuck – Jacksonville, FL


‘When using Xtreme Fuel Treatment in our large trucks we have experienced fuel mileage increases from .5 up to 1.5 mpg. At a time when fuel prices are going higher and higher, this is critical to the trucking industry. In addition, I used a sample of the Syntek product in my leaf blower and the smoke cleared up and it starts better.’

Bill – General Manager


Historical fuel data tests conducted at Sunshine:
First, a miles per gallon baseline was compiled, then the Xtreme product was introduced into the #2 diesel storage tanks. Both the miles per gallon and gallons per hour were recorded. An average overall increase in miles per gallon of 14.1% was obtained. The other major concern is regarding environmental issues. We are pleased to state that XFT provides the safest, most cost effective pollution control technology available.


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