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” Hi Mark,

Just thought I would drop you a line & let you know how we are getting on with Syntek

Last Thursday 13th November we drove from Bisley to Anfield Road Liverpool for a tour round the Everton stadium, a distance of 281 miles from our front door to the hotel. Our car is a four year old Jaguar XF – S 3 litre Deisel. We were on our 4th tank of the 6 x tank challenge.
During the trip to Liverpool we drove 287.7 miles at 35.28 MPG. On the return journey we were diverted due to traffic problems on the M6 & M25 so it was a longer journey of 255 miles at 31.25 MPG.

Prior to using syntek the Jag’s fuel consumption varied between 24 & 27 MPG

Can you send me info on how to go about becoming a distributor?

Kind regards,

Robert ”

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