1. Enter your email address twice then the password of choice and click “next”
  2. Select the preferred starter kit, the options are either
    (250pv) $355=ksh38000 or
    (500pv) $705 = ksh75000
  3. Choose your monthly Auto ship. The best date are 1-5th and select Auto ship frequency as monthly (once )
  4. Select the Autoship combination of your choice worth at least 50pv (75USD), but ideally 100pv. This is stock you can sell at a profit anyway. Note that the combination can always be adjusted in future from your back office.
  5. Select your website subscription preferably one month standard website which will cost you $15 from the second month. ( 1st month is free)
  6. Choose the 1st name of your website. E.g. in the example above you only replace (xxxxxx) with your preferred name. Do not enter the domain ( ) it is already pre-typed.

9.Enter your billing info, if you have credit card, enter the details accordingly or use your debit card (visa or master card ).*confirm with your bank if your visa card can do online transaction* You may also use a loaded Nakumatt Global card, KCB msafiri smart, Equity prepaid or any other chip shopping card. The card number are the 16 digits and NOT the account number. Select card expiry month and year.

  1. Select shipping method as office pick up. They will arrange how you get the product.
    11. Under commissions, enter the details of your birth date as requested. You may enter or ignore Ssn/ tax id
  2. If a place for it, enter your sponsor distributor ID as 266BA and click on find to confirm the identity of your Associate Sponsor (Mark).
    click on “YES! SET UP MY BUSINESS! ” and allow a few seconds to process the sign up. You will get a message on the screen congratulating you for the sign up.
    13. An alert will be send to the Kenyan Syntek Global Warehouse to dispatch your package and the Sponsor Associate will be informed to guide you further

If you get the message ” above credit limit” then you don’t have enough cash in the card. If you get the message ” transaction not permitted ” then the bank issuing the card doesn’t allow online payments.

Upon successful sign up, Log in and spend time in your back office. Take the training seriously… it is simple 10-15min clips. Tour and familiarise yourself with your back office.