Several of the BIG fuel companies now are promoting and selling a version of their petrol or diesel that gives more power, or gives more miles per gallon.

So, why haven’t they always sold us this?

Is it because it is in their interest to not sell it, as they will long term, sell less fuel …?  And now, the only reason they are selling it is to try and gain competitive advantage over their competitor brands?


Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT) Offers much more benefits than their claims, with greater savings, and Syntek who make XFT, and own the patent on it, aren’t owned or beheld to a fuel company.

We want to get as many people as possible saving money on fuel costs!

And – it works out cheaper!

6 tank challenge xft

6 tank challenge xft

 Why you should Use XFT?

   XFT contains a compound which makes your fuel ignite quicker in your engine – creating a longer, better burn of the fuel. This means that you actually burn more of the injected fuel- whereas most vehicles   waste a good portion of unused fuel as exhaust. By Using XFT, you get more efficiency out of the fuel that you already use.

  Better Fuel Economy

  You will go farther on a tank of fuel. Based on hundreds of tests and user feedback, XFT can save you between 7% and 20% on your fuel costs – Gasoline (Petrol) or Diesel. A 150 gallon (570 Litre) tank of fuel   at a 12% savings would save 18 gallons (69 Litres) per fill-up. Do the math. And many are saving much more than that!

  Why XFT helps you to use the Budget Fuel

 By altering the burn-rate of your fuel (and other fuel improvements) XFT makes even low grade fuel behave like high-quality or premium fuels, eliminating the need for higher octane or other more expensive fuel.

 Saving Money at the Pump

 You no longer have to use mid-grade or premium fuel in your gasoline (petrol) vehicle, even in high-performance engines. That will save you another 3% – 5% on your Fuel  costs right at the pump

XFT cleans your engine

XFT uses a combination of ingredients — Detergents, Demulsifiers, Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors, Lubricating Agents, and Polymerization Retardants. All these work together to keep things clean, remove existing deposits, reduce friction, stop water damage, which keeps your engine & fuel system working and running smoothly.

XFT looks after your engine

Your vehicle will run longer and smoother, without all the problems that come with a dirty, sludge-filled, corroding, sluggish, polluting engine. This will save you money on unneeded repairs and allow your current vehicle engine to last you much, much longer, eliminating the need to replace or repair the engine nearly as often.

Extreme Fuel Treatment reduces your car’s Emmissions

By using more of the available fuel, and improving the combustion process in the engine You have less harmful emissions produced and coming out as exhaust. XFT is proven to reduce your harmful emissions substantially. Some tests show over 40% reduction in Hydrocarbons and Carbon Monoxide emissions.

XFT is Green

This can save you money when it comes to emissions inspections or tune-ups. XFT is also very good for the environment and is a way for yourself or  your company to become more ‘green’ without changing how you do business.

XFT Aids Fuel Longevity

Petroleum based fuel will separate and lose its efficiencies rather quickly. One great feature of XFT is that it acts as a super-effective fuel stabilizer, allowing your fuel to be stored for years without going bad.

Saves Time and Money

You no longer have to empty or replace the fuel that sits in storage tanks or seasonal equipment such as recreational vehicles, boats, lawn mowers, and storage tanks. That can also save you a substantial amount of money..

Easy to Carry

Xtreme Fuel Treatment is very concentrated. It only takes 1 ounce (30mL) to treat 80 Gallons (300 L) of fuel.

Great Value

XFT is very inexpensive and you no longer need other fuel additives designed to lubricate, clean, stabilize or do the other things that XFT does. If you were to buy store-bought additives to accomplish the same things, you would put multiple bottles of products in your tank and spend about 20 times more money.


We recommend you do a 6 Tank Challenge as soon as possible, to start saving – You won’t look back …

6 tank  science behind xft