Blimy ! I’ve just got the latest results in from my testing …. although use in my other cars has already proven that XFT works – with 100 miles extra to a tank in a Citroen Picasso, and 5 – 8 mpg more in each of my Pajero 4wd’s, my Mitsubishi Delica people carrier over the last 3 tanks of using Xtreme Fuel Treatment has been running smoother, and more power, but with no noticeable increase in MPG really …  but, this last fill up, it has gone from 18 mpg to 30 mpg !! details of the workings etc are below:


Left hand receipt 15th Feb 2014 – filled up in Settle, North Yorkshire, UK – 34.05 litres from last fill – did 137 miles – thus 34.05 litres is 7.48 gallons  (4.55 litres in a gallon)  137 divided by 7.48 is 18.31 MPG

I then drove from Settle to Wastwater  in the Lake District, back to Settle, (78 miles each way) then some driving around Settle and the Yorkshire Dales, then yesterday over to Cleckheaton in West Yorkshire, via Saltaire – 40 miles, then back to Settle, filling up at Asda Bradford on the way back :

Right hand receipt – last night, 27th Feb 2014  – filled up at Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK – 40.96 litres  = 9 gallons, to do 275.3 miles – thus 30.58 MPG !! – an increase of over 12MPG – equating to a 66% increase in mpg from the 18 previously.

NOW, I AM SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED !!  with this stuff !

For those that don’t know the area, the driving only included about 10 miles of motorway, some dual carriageway, the rest being “A” road and “B” roads, including some little tiny roads, and quite a few hills etc .. the tank previously was comparatively similar, excepting the motorway miles, and included a trip to Skipton, then Keighley on dual carriageways, a trip to Hawes, and some driving around Settle. thus, I’d say it was a like for like comparison.

the car is a 2.8 turbo diesel 1995/96 Mitsubishi Delica 8 Seater 4 wheel drive MPV – it weighs about 2.3 tonnes, has all terrain tyres, and has done approx 102,000 miles. It is serviced once a year, and didn’t have any maintenance or changes etc between the test tanks above.

This is a picture of it :

Mitsubishi Delica used during XFT fuel economy test using

Mitsubishi Delica used during XFT fuel economy test using


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