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Thank you for your interest in finding out about distributing XFT with

The product, XFT – Extreme Fuel Treatment is a fuel enhancer, which works in most engines, and as such has a great market to sell to; literally nearly everybody who runs a vehicle, personally or for business. The Global brand, XFT is sold via a network of distributors, like you and I, and we get paid on a percentage commission of our sales. It is multi-level marketing, and as well as selling directly, by working as a team, we all make more money via a multi-point commission structure. In essence, any one distributer gets 25% of the value of their own sales in commission, plus 10% of sub distributors sales in half of their team, and also other bonus’s.

I got involved because I am aware that the petrol price is probably going to remain high for years to come, and that it really is impacting the everyday person and small, medium and large fleet owners operation costs. I believe it is relatively easy to pick-up the phone, and ask to speak to the owner of a small business – offering to save him money, and offering them a chance to run a test-trial.

There are many people worldwide earning very good money, distributing Xft, part time and full time.

Also, we as a company have many different opportunities for Professional Distributors…the product works on :

1. Cars

2. Vans

3. Trucks & Busses

4. Construction Equipment, Plant, Mining Equipment

5. Generators

6. Home heating oil

7. Boiler heating – industry

8. Boats & Ships

9. In fact, any petrol / diesel or heavy oil motor – excluding aviation.

Is there a trick to selling XFT ?

Absolutely yes. Those Distributors who enjoy success, are those Distributors who have lots of people testing the product.

This is a normal client process THEY TEST IT > PROVE IT WORKS > BUY IT > RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS

Once they see the result, they almost always recommend it to others

Reference Point : – This is our UK site, with information and details about the opportunity. Some pages also  frame a generic  portal site for Xft. Every Distributor gets their own version of this, through which information is available, and the product can be sold. There is also a good back office system, which shows your earnings etc, and has training materials and team information.

  • UK Stock – shipped by ourselves, from Yorkshire
  • Deliveries nationwide
  • Extensive support
  • Sales support
  • Technical support


  • Fuel Economy & Savings
  • Improved Performance
  • Prolonged Engine Life
  • Decreased Emissions

This is why the product works, and saves fleet owners money ?

1. Burn Rate Modifier

Contains an oil-soluble organo-metallic compound which functions as a “burn-rate modifier” and a “catalyst” to lower the ignition point of fuel, by several hundred degrees – creating a longer burn time, allowing your engine to burn much more of the injected fuel. Lowering the ignition point of the fuel, and providing a longer burn time for the combustion process, not only means a more complete burn, but also means that more fuel powers the engine and little if any goes out the exhaust. That doesn’t happen with regular or even premium grade fuel when used alone in your vehicle.

2. Detergents

Modern, high-tech, fuel injected engines have very tight tolerances. This means that they function very precisely and there is little to no room for even a tiny particle of dust or dirt without impacting performance. Contains detergents that keep your engine clean and remove harmful deposits from fuel pumps and injectors. Continual use will maintain peak performance in your engine and the function of all of these important parts.

3. Lubricating Agent

Provides lubrication for pistons, fuel pumps, and injectors, reducing friction and prolonging the working life of the engine parts. Inadequate lubrication of parts from today’s fuels can result in premature failure of engine parts and therefore costly replacement and repair.

4. Fuel Stabilizer

A fuel stabilizer. Once fuel is made, just like any oil-based product, it has a tendency to begin separating. As it separates, it loses some of its efficiencies. Stabilizes the fuel, keeping this breakdown from happening for longer periods of time. The benefit of this is that stored fuel will have a much longer shelf life. This is especially important for boat storage, snowmobiles, snow blowers, yard tools, or any other seldom used engine powered machinery.

5. Polymerization Retardant and Dispersants

Contains a polymerization retardant and dispersants to help prevent and reverse sludge buildup in your fuel which can and does clog filters. This is especially important in diesel fuels.

6. Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors

Any time you put liquids and metals together, add oxidation, heat, and condensation, you are bound to get rust and corrosion. This is what happens in your fuel tank, however, the product contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to minimize corrosion in fuel tanks and delivery systems.

7. Demulsifier

Even though your gas tank is sealed, between heat creating condensation as well as the oxidation process, you cannot avoid getting water in your fuel. Contains a demulsifier which helps remove water from fuel due to this condensation and other sources of water. Why is this important? Water can be very harmful and costly to an engine and water can also be a major contributor to fuel injector failure.

The Global Company, Syntek has a large amount of evidence and testimonials about how well the product works – some can be downloaded from here

The Costs:

As a new distributor, these are the approximate start up costs:

One time Cost:

Base Level Start-Up pack £185 – Includes stock and samples of Xft, plus promotional material

other Packs are available, with more stock and resources and better earning plans – full pack is approx £500

Ongoing Costs:

Website cost for the Xft site £10 per month.

The  site is free, as part of being in the LessFuel team

Suggested Monthly Stock cost- £110 – this is Xft product, for you to sell on, at a profit, or to use as samples. (optional but recommended, to grow your business)

I trust this short explanation, is to the point and offers you the information you require. I look forward to working with you !

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further details


Mark Dale

Xft Distributor

Mobile: 07528 753 577



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