The XFT 6 Tank “NO RISK – Money Back Guarantee ” Challenge – Available Globally – 

For all enquiries – Uk and International – please see what example savings you can get, on this page; then browse our Shop via the form below. start saving money now!

Can YOU afford

Not to Use XFT?

eg. – To Treat 16 x

75 Litre Tanks

of Fuel costs just ……

£3.19 a tank

=4p a litre

TO SAVE OVER £300 !!

UK 6 Tank Challenge xft

To Keep a record of how XFT  helps, please download a spreadsheet here.

We’d appreciate it if you could email us back with your results !

Share the savings 😉


*** Non US $ prices may vary a little, due to Exchange rate and delivery cost variations ***

Take Our 6-Tank Challenge!


 If you don’t see a difference in fuel economy within

6-tanks of fuel, simply return the bottle and remaining

XFT to us, whereby we will offer you a zero quibble,

money back guarantee.

Thousands of people around the world have chosen to challenge the benefits of XFT:

– Improved Fuel Economy

– Increased Horse Power

– Longer Engine Life

– Reduced Emissions

After 6-tanks of fuel, the results speak for themselves as thousands of consumers all over the world now use XFT every time they fill up their tank.

This 120 ml bottle, will allow you to DOUBLE DOSE on the 1st three tanks of fuel. Thereafter, SINGLE DOSE on three more tanks of fuel.

Plus, you can still treat a further 7-tanks of fuel. Based on a 70 Litre fuel tank.

In total…

A 120 ml bottle will treat sixteen tanks of fuel (excludes double dosing)

7.5ml of XFT, treats 75Litres of Fuel.

UPDATE  : ****  UK trials have shown that with higher doses, we get better MPG gains ! – you cannot overdose with it ****

Case Study


A 118ml bottle, is able to treat 1195 Litres of fuel (petrol or diesel).

A 118ml bottle costs £50.99 (incl vat, & postage)

Volvo C30 2.0 DT

2007 Model with 51,698 miles on the clock.

Before XFT

The car was achieving 45.4MPG combined usage.

With XFT

The car has now completed over 10,000 miles using XFT. Returning a very respectable 54.3MPG

Percentage Improvement 20%

Financial Saving Per 118ml Bottle £309.28

Workings To Calculate Financial Saving

  • 118ml treats 1195 Litres
  • Volvo has a 70L tank
  • £50.99 bottle can treat 16-tanks of fuel
  • Increased miles 137.24 per tank of fuel
  • £1.41 per litre of diesel
  • £309.28 SAVING !
  • Results will vary based on driver habits, weather conditions, loads and speed.
  • 18 August 2013


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