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This is a discount sales page for Xtreme Fuel Treatment – XFT for a discount price, for Jap 4×4 Group  and Japanese Auto Extravaganza (Certain items are limited stock at this discount)

There is enough in each of the packages below, to do an initial start with Xft in one vehicle via – The 6 Tank Challenge – You should make double or more  back in Fuel Cost savings, of what it costs.

If you want different quantities, there is the facility in the Paypal checkout to add multiples of each option. Or,  contact us, or  please look at our shop here Buy XFT in the UK

XFT is an easy to use, great value fuel additive, that utilizes a unique chemical formulation to bring you the most effective solution available. It has multiple components, which means nobody else has what we have, and no other product does what XFT does. Because XFT is a comprehensive approach, it would take many products mixed together to even come close to giving you the same benefits! – more information here – – it costs about 4p a litre to treat the fuel, but you typically get 10% – 30% better mpg and other benefits. So it easily more than pays for itself.

Xft is relatively new to the UK, after being used for about 20 years in industry globally, and since 2008 domestically in the USA. We are looking for more distributors, working from Home, or Commercially. If anyone is interested, please get in touch, it is a low start up and on-going cost, with good earning potential. – Or, if you know a commercial operator, who uses a lot of fuel, and would like to save money, we can give you a referral commission if you introduce us, and they go on to use it regularly.

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    Option 1 – 12 x 10ml foil packs of Xft – lower initial price – treats 912 litres

    XFT UK foil packs sachetsA foil pack contains 10ml, which is generally enough to treat 100 litres of petrol or diesel. But, allowing for the small residue left in the foilpack, Xft recommends that these foils treat up to 76 litres.  The advantage with these packs is that there is no measuring needed , and overall it is a cheaper way to start using Xft. Use 2 foil packs per tank for the 1st 3 fills, then use 1 foil pack per tank afterwards. Ideal for people who generally “fill” their tank when they go to the petrol station. If you usually “top-up” your tank in smaller amounts, then the bottle allows for different quantity dispensing, according to how much fuel you add, and works out cheaper per litre to use. 12 foil packs – usually £46.10 plus p&p Discounted price – £25 inc p&p XFT UK foil packs sachets

    Option 2 – 120ml Bottle of Xft – better overall value – treats 1200 litres

    XFT UK 120ml bottle If you usually “top-up” your tank in smaller amounts, then the bottle allows for different quantity dispensing, according to how much fuel you add, and works out cheaper per litre to use. There is a measuring spout on the bottle. You cannot overdose with Xft, so err on the generous side, rather than too little, which may give slower visible results. A 120ml bottle treats a total of 1200 litres of petrol or diesel Us 2ml of XFT per 10 litres of fuel in the tank for 3 tanks worth (ie if a 90 litre tank, put 270 litres through at this “double dose” )   After 3 tanks worth, use 1ml of XFT per 10 litres of fuel. Ideal for people who generally “top up” their tank when they go to the petrol station. Thus, when first starting, if there is approx 30 litres in the tank, add 6ml of Xft, then, add 2ml per 10 litres when topping up. eg. If adding 20 litres – use  4ml, if adding 50 litres, use 10ml. – For the 3 tanks worth, then use 1ml of XFT per 10 litres of fuel added. 120ml Bottle – Usual Price £47.88 plus p&p Discounted Price – £25 inc p&p XFT UK 120ml bottle

    Other options to buy are also available in the XFTUK Shop

    XFTUK Contact Information

    Less Fuel – UK Importer and Shipping Depot and Lead Distributor of XFT
    – Mark Dale
    07528 753 577
    North Yorkshire